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Infinite Stephen King

July 8, 2010

Hey Gang,

Sorry about the dearth of posts; I’ve been real busy and everything. Anyway, I’ve just finished reading King’s latest opus, “Under the Dome”; and a qualified thumbs up. Not a classic, like D.F.Wallace, but a good read, nevertheless. And at 1072 pages for the hardbound (from the library), a good 10 day read. He (ie., Mr King) says that he started this book/plot/musing in 1976..then shitcanned it until ’07 when he then proceeded to complete said tome.  I’m not going to write  about the plot, or the quality of the writing, etc, etc. But I do want to make a single observation; namely, that, purposely or not, in this piece of fiction, King has written the definitive allegory of our times.  If for no other reason, everyone should read this one…and then think about the future of humans, and this planet.

Thanks for tuning in,