Passage to Panama, Cabo San Lucas

Hi Team,

Well, after two days at sea, we arrive at the southern tip of Baja California; Cape San Lucas. I had signed  up for the kayaking and snorkel tour, so we gathered together and headed out. The ship had anchored in the bay, so we had to take the motor launch into shore. I teamed up with our friend Laura for the 2-man kayak. We met our guide, and drove over to the beach and got out kayaks and some instruction. Then off we go. The paddling was work but not too bad  (or so I thought at the time), and after about 30 min we arrived at the southern most tip of Baja; way cool. We paddled close to the rock arch but didn’t go through. Other vessels were near by, but since we were in kayaks we got closer than everybody else. After that  we paddled back to a nice snorkel beach. We all parked our kayaks and put on our snorkel gear and swam out to a bunch of rocks  sticking out of the water.  Water depth about 30 feet, lots of snorkelers and a few scuba divers. The rocks were covered with coral and there were plenty of fish to look at.  We spent about an hour in and around the beach, and then got back into our kayaks and paddled back to town.  A Carnival cruise ship had followed us to Cabo, and by this time had unloaded its mass of people. The town was jumping: bars were open and shops were selling stuff, and so on. We hung around for a while and then took the launch back to our ship. We hung out on board until late afternoon, when we weighed anchor and headed out to sea. Shortly after leaving Cabo, we saw about a half a dozen whales, California Greys. They seemed to be directly in our path, and we got within a couple of hundred yards before they all dove out of the way; relief.  We continued on our way.

Next stop Acapulco.


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