Random Stuff, and Sallie Ford and Sound Outside

Hi people,

Well, I’m still working on my next chapter of the technical stuff. It taking longer than it should, but there you go.

So, what did I read on the cruise you might ask; and I’m  glad you did. For no apparent reason other than the ship’s library had them I read three really interesting books, all related to witchcraft, and of course geographically located in/or near Salem, MA. The books are: “The Physik Book of Deliverance Dane.” by Katherine Howe; “The Alchemist’s Daughter.” by Katherine McMahon; and “The Lace Reader.” by Brunonia Barry. All three were perfect for passing the time on the pool deck, under an umbrella.

So lastly for this entry;  yesterday I discoverer Sallie Ford and her backup band, Sound Outside.  She sings and they play a kind of southern-rock-blues-punk thing that is almost spoken-word, but isn’t. Apparently you can only find them in and around the Pacific-Northwest; if you can, go see them.  You can of course find her/them on youtube and facebook, etc. Do go find them, and listen. Do it now.

best wishes, dada


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