P to Panama, Day 2

OK Fans,

Here are more recollections, our first day at sea, Feb 10. After a late night watching us leave LA harbor, we got up looking and feeling our best. First, breakfast and then all hands on deck for lifeboat drills. It turns out that some of our mates didn’t get onboard ’til well past dark; thus lifeboat drills were put off a day.  Way too serious! Then off to the pool deck for the rest of the day: music, reading, bridge, spanish lessons..? On days at sea we get tons of activities for entertainment; and mostly to keep us from worrying about the ship rocking back and forth and back and  forth and….you get the picture. Anyway, Sharon signed up for duplicate  bridge lessons, 1 hour, and then 2 hours of play.  Me?, I signed up for spanish lessons–and what a hoot. Senior Roy was our teacher, and what fun! His promise, “Espanol in 16 dias.” Anyway, the 1st day at sea means getting our sea legs…booze helped a lot.


Btw, the cuisine on the ship Regatta is the best of any cruise we’ve been on.


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