Passage to Panama, Embarcation

So Fans,

Here is a short non-diary of our trip through the Panama Canal. Day 1, Feb 9, was our embarcation from San Pedro. We were delivered there from West LA by our daughter and her kids. It was raining as we drove down the freeway; it was rushhour and traffic  was a mess. We had lots of time, as the ship, Regatta, was not scheduled to leave port until midnight. Anyway we arrived fine, got onboard, found our stateroom, looked around the ship, and  then went up to dinner.  At dinner we sat at table with a couple from the DC area, Pete and Kathy.  As happens to us often onboard, we made fast friends.  After dinner, I talked them into staying up and watching as we left port.  We made our way up to the observation bar, and watched as the lights of LA slid by; it was about 12:30 am when we finally exited LA harbor, and made for the open ocean, and points south. The next two days we would be at sea; our first stop would be Cabo San Lucas.



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