Defying Gravity Pt. 1

Dear Fans,

Well, here we go again, another digression from the main theme; QM. Here, and in the next several posts, I will attempt to add some rational discourse on the issue brought up by my one of my heroes, Fred Clark. On his blog and in his post, “Defying Gravity”, he asked for help w/ arguments against creationism (  I’ve already emailed him with the excuse that it would take some time, and it will.  Nevertheless, here we go.

First and foremost, I will attempt to explain my view of what science actually is. I’ve had occasion to teach various science topics over my career as a practicing engineer. I think I know what science is, and  what it is not; as I propose to explain as we go along.

Second, I propose to describe various elements of science; ones that I have a lot of experience with. In this I will also discuss ‘hard’ science and ‘soft’ science, and what the difference is.

Thirdly, I will work at illuminating what science is not. I will discuss various topics in metaphysics–it’s not what you think. And I will try to put science, and  the scientific method in the context of where it may be useful and where it won’t be.

Fourthly, if I get that far, I will address the issues of things like creationism and the idiocy of any attempt at rational discourse on the subject.

And finally, if on the off chance I get to here, I will expound on the general issue of the anti-intellectual, anti-rational, anti-science atmosphere that seems to exist in our body politic today.

Stay tuned,

Dr. Dave



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