Flashforward #1

Hey Fans,

In anticipation of a #2, I’ve titled this one #1….Anyway, I scoped the intertubes looking for non-commercial reviews of said TV series, to no avail. It appears that any/everybody writing about FF has some pecuniary interest in this Great TV Show; now, except me. Well, I do know and am long time friends w/ one of the  co-produces, C. Lansdbert; we were frat brothers together at UCLA (full disclosure). Anyway, other than that, and even there I have no interest in how FF does, dollar-wise, or any other- wise. But I will say that  I haven’t watched a network series series since, oh oh,…does Bob Newhart or Mary  Tyler Moore ring a bell w/ any net surfers. Oh well. Anyway, all I’ll  say (write actually) now is, if you haven’t watched FF yet, do so. It’s way cool. Oh, and do take notes; there will be an exam.



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