Infinite Summer…?

Fellow Bibliophiles,

Well,  I finished reading David Foster Wallace’s opus, “Infinite Jest” last night. What a read. Every page is a gem. I liked it a lot. And I highly reccomend it to you all.  And, of course, I was one the the charter members of; actually, I was a member when we got our summer reading assignments directly from Mathew Baldwin @ And I hadn’t read Wallacs’s first novel, “Broom of the System.”  So I checked it out from the library and read it on our trip to Portland, Bend, and  Eugene OR. I finished reading ‘Broom’ in Portland; so as we were staying near Powells  (and  we always go there when we’re in town),  and I bought a copy of ‘Infinite’.  Now, if you peruse, you will  see lots of comments, commentary, etc, etc, chapter by chapter; naturally, I wanted to read the book uninfluenced, so I never went there. As such, you will not find my comments there. But in the future, you may find them here. In fact here is one now: there is a group forming to be called “The Tunnel Group.” I will most likely join it.  Do visit there and find out yourselves what’s going on. I will say one more thing here. There is  discussion as to the next book to read in the group: Gaddis’ “JR”, Pynchon’s “Gravities Rainbow”, and that ilk have been promoted as possibles. Both are good choices, excellent  actually. But I’ve read them, and I would  prefer something I haven’t read. Any suggestiongs are welcome.




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