My K1

Yo fans,

I haven’t  forgotten you all; I’ve been distracted, a lot. And I have not spent much time on Q.M. stuff, either. But I have been pursuing another of my hobbies; viz, namely, ham radio. I build kit ham sets.

I’ve built several; and  here’s a photo of my latest. It’s an Elecraft K1 (TM); an 80 through 15 meter, low power (QRP) transceiver. And it only transmits cw (morse code).  The photo shows the project in its early stages. The completed front panel unit is shown at the bottom; the completed filter board is on the LHS; and the main, RF (radio frequency) board is at the top–we assemble it last. Also, more or less in the middle are the (many) discrete components that remain to be installed.


BTW, as of this posting I’m farther along than this  photo shows; I’ll put up some more photos  later.

There you have it.

73 (that’s ham talk for ‘best regards’),

Dave,  KI6ACO ( that’s my call  sign)


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