My New Duck Feet

Yo fellow surfers,

Well, I could almost twitter this; just an  hour or so ago, I lost one of my swim fins in the surf. Yes, I surf, bodysurf that is; and I’m not to     bad considering.  And I’ve been (body)surfing almost every day since the 4th.  And I haven’t lost a fin in a long time… resets that clock. So, as the surf line is just about 200 yards from my front  door, I trudged on home, changed, and jumped in the car and drove over to the local surf shop. And, there, I bought a new pair of fins; you can’t buy just one, you know.  This time it’s Voit  V-Ducks (TM).  I expect to surf tomorrow on my way home; either at Zuma or County Line (that’s Ventura county line). Also, since tomorrow’s my birthday, this is just another of the many presents I expect to get. Get that, tomorrow is my birthday—-July 20. The day man first stepped on the moon …..

So, there you have it.

Now, to open a beer and call my brother; that will be another story.

Later dudes,

Surfer Sal


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