LOK Level 13!

Fans and LOK followers,

Yes, it’s true, “The Wiz’, that’s me, has achieved the august level # 13. It’s just about the mean of the distribution of alpha testers; that is, there are as many playas with a higher level as mine as there are those with a level lower than yours truly. So how did I get here, and how do I advance?? Well, briefly: I thus far, only employ an atomic-like rifle, and some modest armor. I have no magic weapons or other esoteric attack thingees, just a rifle. But, the problem is that I can’t willie-nillie go out and buy more stuff. Oh, no, although I’ve acquired lots of money, I also require what’s called ‘power’ in order to get the good stuff. And I only have about 200+ power units. Thus, I sit here, trying to figure out how to get more of this ‘power’. In the mean time, as I suggested early on, in the background, other ‘persons’ spar/challenge me, and win, loose, or draw, I seem to acquire more money and power. So, at least for a while, I’m going to sit back and earn some interest.

So, there you go. And more later.

The Wiz


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