Level 10!

Yo, fans,

Yes, it’s true. In about 72 hours I’ve gone from level one to ten in LOK. This, my first real effort at gaming, has been an interesting experience, so far.  I’m now, no longer in the cellar, levelwise. In fact, I am ahead of at least three other players. I have refrained from playing at work; although I have logged in and checked my status on occasion. Which brings up an interesting angle on LOK. Once I set my thing/warrior/avatar/etc ? loose, battles can go on w/o me online. Kind of like batch mode battle. So, I check in, and voila, I find I’ve won (or lost) a challenge/spar/battle. Actually, I went up from level nine to ten in absentia. How cool is that…?? Next time I talk LOK, I’ll introduce my character/person/warrior/whatchamacallit, whatever.



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