The 4th in Oxnard

Yo Fans,

Last night was another big night for personal fireworks on the beach in Oxnard. About 9pm the skies above the shore lit up with the big stuff. We had a party of about 20 relatives and close friends come out for a weekend of beach, booze, babies, and bottle rockets. One of our regulars, Scotty jr., had promised to bring  some of the good stuff. Alas, not so. Oh well. Anyway, after dinner and not a few libations, we walked out to the beach and again enjoyed the bombs, bursts, and blasts that other locals had acquired. We had anticipated a somewhat subdued affair; after all, the local constabulary had spent a lot of pesos with electric  signs and such, convincing all but the truly freethinkers not to do the 4th of July thing. Indeed, the horse patrol showed up about 40 min in, and  proceeded to shut down several “artists.” We survived relatively unscathed , and trundled back to the house, to either drive home or camp out for the night. Good times were had by all.

Happy 4th All,



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