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Teh Health Care Issue

July 23, 2009


I just want to make one short comment on the heath care issue, and the various debates going on. And it’s this: journalists, politicians, pundits, and etc. seem to use the phrases “health care” and  “health insurance” interchangeably. Any average American who has needed any kind of health care will tell you that there is a world of difference between health care and health insurance as it exists in the country.  Personally, I don’t give a hoot if I have health insurance if I can get health care when I need it. And, I couldn’t care less if the health insurance industry went down the drain in the interest of real health care for all Americans.

To You Good Health,



My New Duck Feet

July 20, 2009

Yo fellow surfers,

Well, I could almost twitter this; just an  hour or so ago, I lost one of my swim fins in the surf. Yes, I surf, bodysurf that is; and I’m not to     bad considering.  And I’ve been (body)surfing almost every day since the 4th.  And I haven’t lost a fin in a long time… resets that clock. So, as the surf line is just about 200 yards from my front  door, I trudged on home, changed, and jumped in the car and drove over to the local surf shop. And, there, I bought a new pair of fins; you can’t buy just one, you know.  This time it’s Voit  V-Ducks (TM).  I expect to surf tomorrow on my way home; either at Zuma or County Line (that’s Ventura county line). Also, since tomorrow’s my birthday, this is just another of the many presents I expect to get. Get that, tomorrow is my birthday—-July 20. The day man first stepped on the moon …..

So, there you have it.

Now, to open a beer and call my brother; that will be another story.

Later dudes,

Surfer Sal

LOK Level 13!

July 15, 2009

Fans and LOK followers,

Yes, it’s true, “The Wiz’, that’s me, has achieved the august level # 13. It’s just about the mean of the distribution of alpha testers; that is, there are as many playas with a higher level as mine as there are those with a level lower than yours truly. So how did I get here, and how do I advance?? Well, briefly: I thus far, only employ an atomic-like rifle, and some modest armor. I have no magic weapons or other esoteric attack thingees, just a rifle. But, the problem is that I can’t willie-nillie go out and buy more stuff. Oh, no, although I’ve acquired lots of money, I also require what’s called ‘power’ in order to get the good stuff. And I only have about 200+ power units. Thus, I sit here, trying to figure out how to get more of this ‘power’. In the mean time, as I suggested early on, in the background, other ‘persons’ spar/challenge me, and win, loose, or draw, I seem to acquire more money and power. So, at least for a while, I’m going to sit back and earn some interest.

So, there you go. And more later.

The Wiz

Math Basics for QM

July 11, 2009

OK Students,

Here is my latest installment of QM notes. In this section (2.), I’ve gathered together  various mathematics definitions and proofs that we will use in further developments.

Bon Appetit,


BTW, comments are always welcome. Go for it….

Math Basics for QM

My 4th of July Band

July 10, 2009

Here is my 4th of July Band:

Me on banjo; Zam on train whistle; Nany on harmonica; Sam on tambourine; and frontman Ben on Ukelele.  Note the  new Tiki Bar in the background.the band

Level 10!

July 9, 2009

Yo, fans,

Yes, it’s true. In about 72 hours I’ve gone from level one to ten in LOK. This, my first real effort at gaming, has been an interesting experience, so far.  I’m now, no longer in the cellar, levelwise. In fact, I am ahead of at least three other players. I have refrained from playing at work; although I have logged in and checked my status on occasion. Which brings up an interesting angle on LOK. Once I set my thing/warrior/avatar/etc ? loose, battles can go on w/o me online. Kind of like batch mode battle. So, I check in, and voila, I find I’ve won (or lost) a challenge/spar/battle. Actually, I went up from level nine to ten in absentia. How cool is that…?? Next time I talk LOK, I’ll introduce my character/person/warrior/whatchamacallit, whatever.


The 4th in Oxnard

July 6, 2009

Yo Fans,

Last night was another big night for personal fireworks on the beach in Oxnard. About 9pm the skies above the shore lit up with the big stuff. We had a party of about 20 relatives and close friends come out for a weekend of beach, booze, babies, and bottle rockets. One of our regulars, Scotty jr., had promised to bring  some of the good stuff. Alas, not so. Oh well. Anyway, after dinner and not a few libations, we walked out to the beach and again enjoyed the bombs, bursts, and blasts that other locals had acquired. We had anticipated a somewhat subdued affair; after all, the local constabulary had spent a lot of pesos with electric  signs and such, convincing all but the truly freethinkers not to do the 4th of July thing. Indeed, the horse patrol showed up about 40 min in, and  proceeded to shut down several “artists.” We survived relatively unscathed , and trundled back to the house, to either drive home or camp out for the night. Good times were had by all.

Happy 4th All,


Legends of Kaos, the game of the future

July 3, 2009

Hi fans,

As a big gamer, I’ve have been exclusively invited to join the closed alpha  team for Legends of Kaos. It’s developers, “Shattered Reality Interactive (TM) ,call it the “game of the future.”  So, I am  forthwith upgrading the goals of this blog to include my journey in LOK.

For those fellow gamers who may  want to be invited to this august and incredibly exclusive body, email

Go for it, gamers.