Joe Montana at Tito’s

So, friend Scott and I agree to meet at Tito’s Tacos for lunch. I get there first and get in line; he shows up just a minute or so later;  we place our order and get out of line, as per Tito’s protocol. I say to Scott to go outside and see if in fact Joe Montana and one of his sons is not in line outside. So, he goes to and comes right back in nodding his head, yes. Scott has met Montana a couple times, but this time kept a polite distance. Anyway, we ate our lunch a couple of tables away from them; but nobody in the place recognized one of pro football’s living legends the whole time they were there except us two…


One Response to “Joe Montana at Tito’s”

  1. Suz Says:

    i ate lunch at tito’s yesterday. next time email me and i will meet u there.

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