Hello world!

Well, Hello world! As we used to say when we were first learning to program on our C64. Or should I say, what my kids used to write/print when they were just learning to program their C64. As for me, I started  programming in Fortran; and thankfully, I don’t have to make a living as a programmer, I’m no good at it. I like hardware, and I design hardware. But that is not what this so-called blog is about.

I should think the content of this thing , Lefttothereader,  would be self evident to any academic/student/teacher/etc. It was always, “…obvious by inspection..”, “..homework will fill the gaps..”, and “..left to the reader..”.  Anyway, that is what this blog is about, viz., namely that I have always been interested in certain aspects of my college studies that didn’t (quite) sink in. That is not to say that I was a poor student myself; as an undergraduate, I was as miserable student. That is, until grad school, but those grades don’t count, basically.  So, here, I will be going over some of the  subjects that I like, and trying to fill in  the blanks beween the stuff I either forgot, or more likely never understood well at all.

One of the subjects  I liked a lot, was quantum mechanics (QM). So, what I will working on here is some more or less arbitrary aspects of  QM, mostly the higher mathematical developments, theorems, and proofs.  I like other stuff too, but I’m going to start here. Furthermore, this exercise  is mostly for my benefit–that is, to actually learn this stuff. But any and all comments are welcome.


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

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  2. Kathleen Matthews Says:

    good luck on your blog. QM is a little beyond my capabilites. Okay, waaaaay beyond. I was hoping you would be hitting on politics, or maybe gardening. Ahhh well, I shall stay tuned.

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