March 21, 2018

Fuck Trump

And Fuck you if you voted for him.





Donald J Trump is a Liar

September 28, 2017

Yes, Trump is a liar. He lies all the time. He tells big lies and little lies. The New York Times itemized his lies from his inauguration through the end of July; there are a lot of them.

I have a friend, we’ll call him Jack. Jack lies. Jack lies a lot; big lies and little lies. He is also a scam artist, and he is good at making friends. He gets a new friend to loan him money, and then the money goes away; and so does the new friend. Jack has a lot of ex-friends. Jack and I are still friends because many years ago I learned not to loan him any money.

Now my friend Jack and Trump are somewhat alike; they both lie, a lot. And lying is a very bad thing to do; it is a sin, it is evil. There is a difference between Jack’s lying and Trump’s lying, however. Jack is not very powerful, so his lies can only hurt family and friends.

Today, Trump is the most powerful person in the world. His lies can, literally, do a world of harm. His little lies are bad, his big lies are terrible.

And Donald J Trump continues to lie; this is evil.



September 14, 2017

Just a test…2

New Puzzles

November 22, 2010

Hi Fans,

Well I have a couple of new puzzles for you, and they are doozies; here’s the first one:

A couple moved to a new city in which they didn’t know anybody. In order to meet people they took out an add in the local newspaper asking married couples between ages of 20 to 40 years to come on Friday at 8pm to their house for a party.  On Friday at 8pm, 4 couples came to their house making it a total of 10  people (including the hosts).  None of the people at the party knew anyone but their own spouse. The host asked all the people in the party to walk up to new people, introduce themselves, and shake their hand. After a few minutes, the host asked everyone to stop and tell him how many hands did they  shake. He got nine different answers (all the others but himself) that were all different from each other (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).  The question is, how many hands did  his wife shake? Another question could be, how many hands did the host himself shake?

I will give my solution in the next post.




Infinite Stephen King

July 8, 2010

Hey Gang,

Sorry about the dearth of posts; I’ve been real busy and everything. Anyway, I’ve just finished reading King’s latest opus, “Under the Dome”; and a qualified thumbs up. Not a classic, like D.F.Wallace, but a good read, nevertheless. And at 1072 pages for the hardbound (from the library), a good 10 day read. He (ie., Mr King) says that he started this book/plot/musing in 1976..then shitcanned it until ’07 when he then proceeded to complete said tome.  I’m not going to write  about the plot, or the quality of the writing, etc, etc. But I do want to make a single observation; namely, that, purposely or not, in this piece of fiction, King has written the definitive allegory of our times.  If for no other reason, everyone should read this one…and then think about the future of humans, and this planet.

Thanks for tuning in,


Passage to Panama, Cabo San Lucas

March 28, 2010

Hi Team,

Well, after two days at sea, we arrive at the southern tip of Baja California; Cape San Lucas. I had signed  up for the kayaking and snorkel tour, so we gathered together and headed out. The ship had anchored in the bay, so we had to take the motor launch into shore. I teamed up with our friend Laura for the 2-man kayak. We met our guide, and drove over to the beach and got out kayaks and some instruction. Then off we go. The paddling was work but not too bad  (or so I thought at the time), and after about 30 min we arrived at the southern most tip of Baja; way cool. We paddled close to the rock arch but didn’t go through. Other vessels were near by, but since we were in kayaks we got closer than everybody else. After that  we paddled back to a nice snorkel beach. We all parked our kayaks and put on our snorkel gear and swam out to a bunch of rocks  sticking out of the water.  Water depth about 30 feet, lots of snorkelers and a few scuba divers. The rocks were covered with coral and there were plenty of fish to look at.  We spent about an hour in and around the beach, and then got back into our kayaks and paddled back to town.  A Carnival cruise ship had followed us to Cabo, and by this time had unloaded its mass of people. The town was jumping: bars were open and shops were selling stuff, and so on. We hung around for a while and then took the launch back to our ship. We hung out on board until late afternoon, when we weighed anchor and headed out to sea. Shortly after leaving Cabo, we saw about a half a dozen whales, California Greys. They seemed to be directly in our path, and we got within a couple of hundred yards before they all dove out of the way; relief.  We continued on our way.

Next stop Acapulco.

Random Stuff, and Sallie Ford and Sound Outside

March 15, 2010

Hi people,

Well, I’m still working on my next chapter of the technical stuff. It taking longer than it should, but there you go.

So, what did I read on the cruise you might ask; and I’m  glad you did. For no apparent reason other than the ship’s library had them I read three really interesting books, all related to witchcraft, and of course geographically located in/or near Salem, MA. The books are: “The Physik Book of Deliverance Dane.” by Katherine Howe; “The Alchemist’s Daughter.” by Katherine McMahon; and “The Lace Reader.” by Brunonia Barry. All three were perfect for passing the time on the pool deck, under an umbrella.

So lastly for this entry;  yesterday I discoverer Sallie Ford and her backup band, Sound Outside.  She sings and they play a kind of southern-rock-blues-punk thing that is almost spoken-word, but isn’t. Apparently you can only find them in and around the Pacific-Northwest; if you can, go see them.  You can of course find her/them on youtube and facebook, etc. Do go find them, and listen. Do it now.

best wishes, dada

P to Panama, Day 2

March 10, 2010

OK Fans,

Here are more recollections, our first day at sea, Feb 10. After a late night watching us leave LA harbor, we got up looking and feeling our best. First, breakfast and then all hands on deck for lifeboat drills. It turns out that some of our mates didn’t get onboard ’til well past dark; thus lifeboat drills were put off a day.  Way too serious! Then off to the pool deck for the rest of the day: music, reading, bridge, spanish lessons..? On days at sea we get tons of activities for entertainment; and mostly to keep us from worrying about the ship rocking back and forth and back and  forth and….you get the picture. Anyway, Sharon signed up for duplicate  bridge lessons, 1 hour, and then 2 hours of play.  Me?, I signed up for spanish lessons–and what a hoot. Senior Roy was our teacher, and what fun! His promise, “Espanol in 16 dias.” Anyway, the 1st day at sea means getting our sea legs…booze helped a lot.


Btw, the cuisine on the ship Regatta is the best of any cruise we’ve been on.

Passage to Panama, Embarcation

March 7, 2010

So Fans,

Here is a short non-diary of our trip through the Panama Canal. Day 1, Feb 9, was our embarcation from San Pedro. We were delivered there from West LA by our daughter and her kids. It was raining as we drove down the freeway; it was rushhour and traffic  was a mess. We had lots of time, as the ship, Regatta, was not scheduled to leave port until midnight. Anyway we arrived fine, got onboard, found our stateroom, looked around the ship, and  then went up to dinner.  At dinner we sat at table with a couple from the DC area, Pete and Kathy.  As happens to us often onboard, we made fast friends.  After dinner, I talked them into staying up and watching as we left port.  We made our way up to the observation bar, and watched as the lights of LA slid by; it was about 12:30 am when we finally exited LA harbor, and made for the open ocean, and points south. The next two days we would be at sea; our first stop would be Cabo San Lucas.


Call me Ishmael

January 6, 2010

So fans,

Without further adieu, here we go; oh, and in no particular order:

1. Call me Ishmael.

2. To Athene’  then.

3. A screaming comes across the sky.

4. to wound the autumnal city.

5. riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings  us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs.

6. I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies.

7. Many people in the Miracle Valley had theories about why Joe Mondragon did it.

8. I owe the discovery of Uqbar to the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia.

9. Mr Hungerton, her father, really was the most tactless person upon earth–a fluffy, feathery, untidy cockatoo of a man, perfectly good-natured, but absolutely centered upon his own silly self.

10. In the spring of 1829, the author of this work whom curiosity had brought into Spain, made a rambling expedition from Seville to Granada in company of a friend, a member of the Russian Embassy at Madrid.

Go for it; and Happy New Year.